Rethinking Walls

International Challenge - English/German

Take the facade of an air cleaning system to the next level by upgrading its properties with your creative solution.

World of Walas is working on a new way to clean the air in cities. This innovation is constructed on the outside of a tall building. The construction on the outside of the building draws polluted air into the construction on the ground level. Pollutions get stuck inside the construction and clean(er) air comes out at the top of the building. In order for this concept to work the building needs a second facade which is mounted just 12 to 15 cm apart from the original building’s outer wall.

The challenge for you is to design this “second” facade that is mounted 12 to 15 cm from the outer wall of a tall building. This facade should have properties and/or functions that also contributes to making the urban environment better, socially, economically and/or environmentally. Also, the facade should interact with and should be connected to other systems in the urban environment and thus needs to become part of the larger urban ecosystem.

Your solution can either be presented in English or German.

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